We are a small, but remarkable, collection of design savvy ladies that are committed to make your space on the web a better place for you and your customers. Specializing in web, print and graphic design with a strong focus on brand development and execution we bring the ideal blend to maximize your web presence. We excel at working with both start-up and mature corporate environments, and strive to ensure your specific needs are met and exceeded. Although ParkWest has a number of experts on call to help out with special projects, our Managing Director (Pamela) and our Creative Director (Paige) are the primary contacts for ParkWest Creative Co. We’re here to help you achieve your brand vision, but first here’s a bit about us.

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Managing Director, Avid Picnicker, Weakness for Anything in a Mason Jar

Pamela has spent the last ten years working in the fashion industry, traveling the world, and managing the creative design process for some of Canada’s largest retailers. She is accomplished at creating and leading cross-functional teams to ensure the brand vision is executed and the project stays on track. Fascinated by a progressive palette of all things design and colour, Pamela has made a seamless transition into the world of web design. Admired for her positive attitude, determination and the ability to build relationships, Pamela works relentlessly with clients to ensure their end goal is met.


Creative Director, Traveller, Total Geek

Formally trained in graphic design, advertising, fashion, and historic costume design… You could say her skill set is “diverse”. Over the past few years Paige has been focused on branding and web design, helping her clients communicate their story to the world in the most efficient and beautiful way possible. Paige believes that great design is born from strategic & creative thinking, so every project she starts begins with a plan.
Although Paige spend most of her time in front of a computer, when she finally does tear herself away it’s likely to travel. Paige has been lucky enough to travel all over the world, and she counts her time in foreign cities as some of the most defining, life changing experiences to date.

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Why We Started ParkWest Creative

Paige moved on from the world of fashion and entered into a successful career as a freelance web designer and graphic artist. She quickly realized that she could make her mark by opening a boutique design agency that specialized in clever creative, excellent client service, and timely communication.

Meanwhile, Pamela continued in the Fashion Industry working with many companies and strategic partners enhancing her skills related to brand development and product execution. All the while, waiting for an opportunity to branch out into a role that would showcase her ability to execute a vision and identify opportunities to enhance connection to customers.

After a brainstorming session (over beers at their local west end pub of course!), ParkWest Creative Co. was born.

How We Met

Pamela and Paige met years ago while working in fashion design for one of Canada’s largest retailers, developing serious skills in trend direction, brand development, and target market research. After being paired up on the same team they quickly became fast-friends through their love of all things Pantone, vintage clothing, and seriously cute cat and dog memes.

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