Love & Nudes

About The Project

Client: Love & Nudes | Industry: Lingerie | Requirements: Branding

What a great start to 2016! We had the pleasure of working with Chantal, owner of Love & Nudes.  Love & Nudes is a company redefining the colour nude, offering women of colour lingerie to emulate their skin tone. A nude bra and underwear are staples in every women’s wardrobe, but finding a suitable shade isn’t always available for every skin-tone. That’s why Chantal started this company, with hopes of empowering women to be proud of their shade of nude.

When we met with Chantal she said that she wanted her branding to be youthful and fun, with the key message for Love & Nudes being one of strength, beauty, pride and femininity. She loves the colour purple so for her colour palette we added two shades of violet to be the focus, with highlights of mint to add youthfulness to the overall palette.

Our Love & Nudes inspirational mood board

Love&Nudes Mood Board

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The logo we created uses a custom hand script lettering for the word “love” and a modern san serif for “& nudes”.  The combination of the two fonts give a playfulness to the logo, and using the two shades of purple give it a feminine feel.

In keeping with the theme of strength and femininity we decided to use two patterns that represented both.  The heart graphic is modern with strong clean lines, but the watercolour is soft and feminine.  The patterns work well together, which is why we used both on the business cards…. We love how way the business cards turned out!

Love & Nudes final brand package turned out perfectly… we couldn’t be happier!

Here’s a look at the final Branding Package



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